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So often any more, I see a great article about an upcoming conference or event and not once in the article does the writer mention the date or time. Pay attention to these details and your blog posts will stand out as solidly researched pieces of writing. While you might not come right out and tell the reader the reason you wrote an article, it is important to know your specific reasons for writing about a topic.

You also may want to ask why a certain individual did something.

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While you can't live inside someone else's head, you can surmise the reasons behind a person's actions. Just make sure that you tell the reader this is your analysis. This can be a good opportunity to get readers talking about your posts. How is inserted throughout your other questions. For example, let's say that you run a website about concerts coming to your local town. You're interviewing someone who books shows about an upcoming concert. This is an important question that helps to fill in the blanks. It should stem from the natural ebb and flow fo the interview.

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We're going to look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Just in case you've not heard this story, basically it is about a young girl whose grandmother is ill. She takes off through the forest to see her grandmother. The little girl wears a red riding cape with a hood.

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However, before she arrives at Grandma's house, the big bad wolf shows up and takes the place of her grandmother. His goal? So, let's say you are writing an article and you are interviewing the wolf. Before you ever begin the interview, you are going to ask the Five Ws to help you prepare. Now, you are ready to interview the wolf. As you go through the questions above, you might come up with a new take on this story. Something like this:. In an exclusive interview with Mr.

In the spring of , the wolf stated that Red and some of her friends started a forest fire which ultimately caused his family to flee from their safe den. In the process, Mr. Wolf's wife and three children were killed. I vowed to get revenge. The most common time for small talk to occur is the first time you see or meet someone on a given day.

WHAT do people make small talk about?

For example, if you see a co-worker in the lounge you might say hello and discuss the sports or weather. However, the next time you see each other you might just smile and say nothing. If there is very little noise, that might be an indication that it is the right time to initiate a casual conversation.

You should only spark up a conversation after someone smiles and acknowledges you.

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Do not interrupt two people in order to discuss something unimportant such as the weather. If someone is reading a book or writing a letter at the bus stop it is not appropriate to initiate a conversation either.

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Another good time to make small talk is during a break in a meeting or presentation when there is nothing important going on. Finally, it is important to recognize the cue when the other person wants the conversation to stop. There are a few different reasons why people use small talk. The first, and most obvious, is to break an uncomfortable silence.

Another reason, however, is simply to fill time. That is why it is so common to make small talk when you are waiting for something. Some people make small talk in order to be polite. You may not feel like chatting with anyone at a party, but it is rude to just sit in a corner by yourself.

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After someone introduces you to another person, you do not know anything about them, so in order to show a polite interest in getting to know them better, you have to start with some small talk. It is widely understood that legislation applied equally in England and Wales, but Gill took us right back to the Middle Ages to see how the records had been affected by the division of Wales into principalities and marches.

Only under Henry VIII was Wales divided into counties and only in the twentieth century did it become a separate political entity. Wales has, however, always been proudly different.

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One classic problem is the use of patronymics instead of surnames. Guidance was also available on decoding monumental inscriptions in Welsh. A general survey of records followed, as all these resources may have to be brought to bear to distinguish bearers of the same name from each other. We were equipped with information on starting-points, from manorial records to modern industrial repositories.

Great attention was paid to the various administrative divisions, not only unitary authorities, but diocesan and legal as well.